Madeira island is a Portuguese archipelago situated in the north Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal. The capital of Madeira is Funchal, located on the main island’s south coast.

The archipelago is just under 400 kilometers (250 mi) north of Tenerife, Canary Islands. It includes the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo, and the Desertas, administered together with the separate archipelago of the Savage Islands.


Ponta do Sol is a Portuguese municipality on Madeira Island, Autonomous Region of Madeira, where the prefecture is located. It has a surface area of 46.19 km ² and 8,862 inhabitants, subdivided into three parishes.

A little history

Ponta do Sol was founded around 1425, shortly after the island's discovery, by Portuguese settlers from Minho, Beiras and Algarve. Due to its fertile soils, it has always been used for so-called rich crops, being one of the most active centers of agricultural production, particularly sugarcane, in colonial times.

Climate and topography

Ponta do Sol's climate is subtropical, with an average temperature of 19.4°C, considered the Canton with the most hours of sunshine. The topography is fairly rugged, with hills at altitudes of over 1,000 m, such as Fonte do Juncal (1,595 m) and Loiral (1,415 m), and lower mountain ranges, such as Salo, at 479 m.

Gastronomy and Crafts

You'll find typical Madeira dishes, such as laurel kebabs, fish stew, tuna steaks, black scabbardfish fillets and grilled barnacles, among others. As for handicrafts, you'll find a wide range of patchwork tapestries, canvases, embroideries, woodwork and basketry.


Dream Home Madeira is Located on the Estrada Regional 222, nº 164, 9360-511 Ponta do Sol, Madeira.

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